How to wear heels without hurting

high heels stiletto
Heels are an important part of any fashionista's wardrobe. They make the hips sway and give a nice zest to the step, making any woman feel like a ramp walk model. But they hurt don't they? Below are a few hacks for you to alleviate the pain.
Know your size: You would think that you know your size. You would think that we are stupid to give you redundant advice. But know that your feet can change its size over the years, even in adulthood. This is especially true of women who have undergone child birth. So check up on your feet size every year and buy the right size.
Maxi Pads: Find the thickest pad that you have and insert it (sticky side down) inside your shoes. The padding will comfort your feet and absorb sweat. If your heels are open topped then you can use metatarsal silicone pads
So there you go. Try this out and let us know if this was helpful

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