How to look dazzling in old clothes

dazzling dress

It is a common myth that you need to buy new clothes to look attractive. We say bullshit. Below are simple hacks that you can use to look good in your old clothes

Fit is King: No matter how expensive your new dress is, if it does not fit properly, you are going to look like a buffoon. So get those old ill-fitting clothes out. And get them fixed by your tailor. You will be surprised how awesome they will make you look once they start fitting you right.

Mixed fit: Another thing you can do is to play around with the fit. What we mean is if your top is form fitting, match it up with a pair of baggy trousers. Or if you are wearing tight jeans, then throw over a loose fitting T-Shirt. It will instantly make you look like a stylish diva.


Mocktail it: Try wearing a half sleeved shirt underneath a sleeveless dress. Or wear a dress underneath a T-Shirt. Just go crazy with those combinations.

shirt and dress

These are some of the simple ways with which you can breath a new life in to your wardrobe.



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