How to buy your girlfriend a shapewear, impress her like no man could!

There are so many ways to commit suicide. Buying your girlfriend a dress as a gift is one of it. Women spend time, energy and effort into considering a dress as buy worthy on so many levels. Even if a dress looks good a woman may not buy it. Because a friend of her might have a similar looking(Not the same but similar looking) dress so this dress is a NO!. So you never bothered to help her or take part in her shopping/textile research and now want to buy her something relevant to her fashion. My suggestion is DON’T! But there are certain things that you can do that are close to buying her a dress. Yes you guessed it, a SHAPEWEAR!(No! no points for guessing, this is a fashion blog and you read the title and clicked in hear so no bonus points for guessing that!)
Essentials to know before buying a shape-wear:
 Shape-wears are safe to buy because its not something a woman wears to show the world but hides to show the world. Nothing much could go wrong if you are aware of certain personal nuances of your girlfriend
The Right size:
 Please buy the apt size of shape-wear for your girl. Getting her a smaller size wont make her slimmer. It will only make her uncomfortable. For shape-wears there is something called the sit test. If you buy the wrong test you will feel too uncomfortable when you sit. If your girlfriend has a size then get her that same size. Do not get her a smaller size. No you wont offend her if you get her the size she is when it comes to shape-wear. And no you are not
accidentally calling her fat. RELAX! And buy the actual size, its shape-wear we’re talking about.
Get the right type:
 There are so many shapewear types. No need to panic, we will make it simple. There are certain shapewears that will go almost with every shapewear. Like a high waist shapewears. It goes with tights, pant suits and almost anything. Don’t go body part specific shapewears. If you get her a shapewear for thighs, chances are they will push the fat upward, which will make her tummy look big. So stick with an over-all shapewear that covers the waist, thighs and mid-section together.
Medium constriction:
 There are two types of constriction in shape-wear. The one that just smoothens the outlook of her curves(Medium constriction). And the one that boosts curves and shrinks fat at spots to alter her look(Strong constrictions). Unless your girlfriend has been thinking about getting a butt lifting shapewear or a strong constriction shapewear for a particular event, don’t go for it. Stay with medium constriction.
First timers stay offline:
 Alright, if you ‘re trying to surprise your girlfriend for the first time with her first ever shapewear, please don’t shop online. These things can’t be returned and you’ll end up buying her wrong size since this is her first time. Unfortunately you cannot surprise your woman much if she is a shapewear virgin. Take her to an offline store and tell her you want to buy her a shapewear and just buy her by using the guidelines we just taught you here. She’ll be impressed and you will be safe.
All The Best!
So if you know your girlfriend and are not overdoing anything, its safe to buy her a shape-wear as a gift. Happy shopping guys!

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